Law Suit Info

Lawsuit Info

Case Number CV'05 1601 PHX EHC1
CV'05 1601 PHX VAM2
Date Filed May 27, 2005
Location U.S. District Court, District of Arizona


Contact these folks and help them with their lawsuit. We can sue together!!!!

Man accuses ASU police of racial profiling The guy who is suing is John Batchan III. The reporter who wrote it is Gary Grado - (602) 258-1746 Use this in my lawsuit. this guy was also falsely arrested for tresspassing in the MU

Used this in my lawsuit too. They did the same thing to this guy. Hey asshole. I'm an ASU pig and your trespassing on the campus. Here is a map. Read it well because if I or any other ASU cop ever sees you on the campus you will be arrested.

Also use these two false arrests for tresspassing in my lawsuit.

I have had some trouble serving him but i think i can serve him at one of these addresses. Who can serve Larry Fuchtman with the lawsuit for me? How do you serve Larry Fuchtman with the lawsuit?

Sue this person too

Arizona State University Police don't Respect U.S. Constitution

some legal help from down south legal_help.html

When can you be forced to give out your ss number legal_help.html

How crooked cop Larry Fuchtman violated my civil rights

On Tuesday June 10, 2003 at about 6:00 p.m. to 6:05 p.m. I had my civil right violated again by another crooked cop at ASU or Arizona State University.

The crooked pigs name was and his badge number is 560.

time 6:00 - 6:05 pm

crooked cop larry fuchtman - badge 560

in front of noble science library

Letters Sent and Received about this case

me =

We are using this email address to send some questions about the legality of doing things at ASU
Sandy Beach letters

my notes of the arrest my_notes2.html my_notes.html

A copy of the lawsuit in word format that will be filed in the Phoenix Federal Court suing Arizona State University Police Officer Larry Fuchtman for Civil Rights Violations per U.S.C. 42 § 1983.

The lawsuit is on lets kick some cop ass

Larry Fuchtman Civil Rights Violator on Wheels

ASU is PUBLIC Property

Laws about Colleges

ASU is PUBLIC Property

ASU Libraries are PUBLIC property

ASU Art Museum is PUBLIC property

ASU libraries open to the public (execpt for HOMELESS people

ASU Contacts and Addresses

Contacts at ASU
Contacts at the Phoenix Federal Court
Media Contacts
Books to do legal research with
Books on how to do discovery

1This is the current case number. EHC stands for Judge Earl H Carroll
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2This is the orginal case number. It was renamed when the judge was switched. VAM stands for the judge V? A? M?
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Other police officers I am suing for Civil Rights Violatins:

Other Stuff

Alan Korwin on Civil Rights Laws
Civil Rights Laws USC: 18-241, 18-242, 18-1001, 42-1983
Alan Korwin on USC: 18-241, 18-242, 18-1001, 42-1983
See how Crooked ASU Police Officer Larry Fuchtman violated my Civil Rights

  Want to sue the police for civil rights violations?
Here is a copy of the lawsuit in Microsoft word format that I have used to sue the Tempe Police, ASU Police and Arizona Department of Public Safety. John Wilde a para-legal with the Phoenix Libertarian Party wrote the original copy of it.

Down load the lawsuit to your computer and then use Microsoft word to modify it for you specific case.

This lawsuit is filed in your local Federal Court, because it is suing for civil rights violations under the Federal Law U.S.C. 42 Section 1983.

If youíre poor the court will let you file the lawsuit for free.

Even if you donít win the lawsuit it is fun to sue the police. It will force the police to get an attorney to work about 40 hours of time to defend the case according to my friend John Wilde who wrote the lawsuit. So even if you donít win the lawsuit it will be like kicking the police in the balls and cause them a small amount of pain because they will have to waste 40 hours or so of attorney time defending your lawsuit.

If your poor and donít have any assets I would not worry about suing the cops. They wonít waste your time suing you if you lose. But if you have a home or other assets that the police could sue you and try to seize those assets. In this case I would consult a real lawyer before suing the police.

Another ASU cop violates my civil rights!!!!!

I was at the ASU downtown campus on the first floor using the computers to get my atheist mail and on Monday, December 18 at about 2:32 pm a ASU cop named ? Nasca told me
"This is not a public building. You have to go"
He didnít ask me any questions, he didnít accuse me of doing anything wrong, he just said the above.

He was with a woman cop. I need to get that female cops name so I can add her to this lawsuit!

I asked him for his name and he said it. I asked him for a card and he didnít answer me, but he did repeat his name.

The state press ran an article (my copy of the article) near the end of the 2006 semester which talked about homeless people using the building and it said the building IS a public building and the cops canít chase homeless people a way from it.. Also the library is public.

I will soon file a civil rights lawsuit in Federal Court suing ASU cop Nasca and his woman friend for civil rights violations per U.S.C. 42 § 1983.

Another civil rights violation. This time I am suing the Mesa Community College Police Department and the Mesa Police Department. Here is a copy of the lawsuit in mesa_lawsuit.htm word format mesa_lawsuit.doc

This is the straight dope on what the Mesa Community College Police along with the City Mesa Police did to violate my civil rights. Yes Steve Corich is the leader of this gang of thugs.

ASU Police falsely arrest Professor Ersula Ore

ASU Professor Ersula Ore falsely arrested by ASU police OK, it's been 10 years or more since I filed that lawsuit and now here we have what seems to be a carbon copy case where the ASU police falsely arrest Professor Ersula Ore for the same bogus reason I was arrested.

Here is the article on what seems to be another false arrest by the ASU police.